90's Cardigan
90lar Hırka
90lar Hırka
90lar Hırka
90lar Hırka
90lar Hırka

90's Cardigan (V28935)

Price : $38.63

•Wool & acrylic & Kadife Fabric, standart size, loose cut 90's Cardigan.

•The model is 1.70 meter and "s-m" size.

•The condition of the garment is high.

•After our products are carefully selected, they are dry cleaned, ironed and made ready for packaging. 

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Ürün gönderimi Aras kargo ile yapılmaktadır. Ürünün kargoya verilme süresi 1-3 iş günüdür.


Our vintage products are carefully selected from different parts of the world. 

Sustainable clothing is our main concept.

There is only one of each vintage product.